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Our Lighting Performance Calculator provides a quick look at possible performance and total cost of ownership gains using high-performance Guardian glass lenses

Use Guardian's Lighting Performance Calculator to:

  • Compare potential performance (lumen output, efficiency, efficacy, etc.) improvements
  • Explore possible fixture count reductions, annual energy cost reductions, and estimated payback period for lighting projects
  • Evaluate your lighting project with a variety of high-performance glass and coating lens configurations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Set up your project by entering:

  • Fixture data (count, lumen output, input wattage, lens area, operating hours, energy and maintenance costs, etc.); and
  • Photometric data (zonal lumens or full photometric candela over angle)

Then evaluate your potential options to increase performance, reduce fixture count and cost of ownership, and assess estimated payback periods. Results are summarized in data tables and available for customized report generation into PDF format when you're done.

Guardian Industries Corp. developed the Lighting Performance Calculator to allow users to perform general comparative cost and performance assessments of various combinations of glass and coatings for luminaire lenses. The Lighting Performance Calculator is intended for general comparative purposes only. Please contact Guardian Industries Corp. for more information or product samples to perform detailed photometric testing of our solutions with your luminaire product for more precise cost and performance.

Lighting Performance Calculator